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Speed Indicator Devices

The Parish Council operate two Speed Indicator Devices. These devices have two functions. The first is to display to vehicle drivers the speed they are doing as they approach the sign. There is also a ‘thank you’ or ‘slow down’ display. The second function is to capture data about the number of vehicles and the speed at which they are travelling. This information is captured for vehicles travelling in both directions.

The Parish Council cannot operate enforcement cameras. The information captured by our devices is passed to the Police. The Police can use this information to target offenders.

There are eight locations where the devices can be situated. There are two locations along the following roads:

  • St Pauls Drive
  • Merlin Way
  • Kingfisher Drive
  • Covingham Drive

The devices will monitor a road for one month, before being moved to another location. One month later they will return to the first road, but display to traffic travelling in the opposite direction.

Data captured by the devices

A summary of the data captured by these devices is available by following this link.