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Service to Residents

The following services are available to individual residents of the Parish of Covingham.

Speed Indicator Devices

The council operate two Spped Indicator Devices. Click here to find out more about Speed Indicator Devices


For information about allotments available for Covingham Residents Click here

Grants to Voluntary and Charitable Organisations

For information about grants to voluntary and charitable organisations Click here to find out more.

Flower boxes around street name signs

For information about maintaining a flower box around the street name signs close to their homes Click here to find out more about Flower Boxes.

Service to the Community

The following services are performed on behalf of all residents of the Parish of Covingham.

Grass cutting

All of the grass areas in Covingham are cut every two weeks from March until October, depending on the weather.

Regular inspection of Leisure Equipment

All of the Leisure Equipment within the Parish of Covingham is regularly inspected. For more information about the equipment and inspections Click here to find out more information.

Litter picking

In an average week between 40 and 60 sacks full of litter are dropped in Covingham. This is the amount of litter that is picked up in your Parish. We work very hard to keep Covingham tidy. Please do your bit by either putting your litter in one of the many bins provided, or taking it home and putting it in your refuse bin.

Emptying of Dog Bins and Litter Bins

There are 14 dog waste bins which are emptied every week.

There are 20 waste bins that are emptied most days. Our thanks go to those of you who place their litter in the bins. Please note that these bins are provided for litter only, please dispose of Domestic Waste in your wheelie bin or recycling boxes provided by Swindon Borough Council

Hedge Trimming

The parish will trim hedges on an annual basis. Growth at other times of the year will be cut back if it presents as a hazard.

Road Sweeping

Roads within Covingham are professionally swept twice a year. They are swept in July and again in late autumn after the leaves have dropped.

Checking Dorcan Stream for level and blockages

Regular checks are made along Dorcan Stream to check for blockages and other potential flood risks.