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Covingham Parish Budget for 2023/24

The Parish Budget for 2024/25 was approved by Covingham Parish Council at its meeting on 13th May 2024. Select Parish Budget 2024 to view.

Financial Return

Please select Finance Returns to see the Parish Councils Financial returns.

Payments over £100

The parish Council now publish all payments over £100. This excludes staff payments. Select Payments over £100

Parish Councillor Allowances

All Parish Councils have an obligation to publish the details of allowances paid to Elected Members; co-opted Members are not eligible to receive an allowance.  The Covingham Parish Councillors have elected not to receive the recommended allowances as they believe that any monies paid by the residents should be to the benefit of the residents.  However, the Parish Council agreed that a nominal discretionary amount should be made available to the Chairperson of the Council to spend on behalf of the Parish Council as he or she sees appropriate and offset the cost of holding office, it is not for the individual’s benefit.  The annual amount is £300, paid quarterly, which the current Chair, Val Curtis received in 2023/24.

Invitation to Tender

Where the Parish Council requires services it issues an Invitation To Tender is respect of these services. For more details, select Invitation to Tender