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The Chair is in charge during council meetings, a post that is recognised in law, and has a duty to ensure that all decisions are lawful and should take steps to involve all Councillors in discussion. When a vote is tied, the Chair has a second or casting vote, ensuring that a decision is made.

Role holder: Cllr Val Curtis


The Vice-chair deputises in all aspects of the Chair’s role when required.  

Role holder: Cllr Gareth Hawkes


The webmster is responsible for the website.

Role holder: Cllr Gareth Hawkes


Personnel Committee

The personnel committee looks after all matters relating to Parish Council employees.

Committee chair: Cllr John Ricketts,

Committee members: Cllr Scott Wichall

Working Parties

Data Protection and Governance

This group deals with all aspects of Data Protection and Governance. It also looks after the website which plays an important role in the transparency of the parish.

Working party chair: Cllr Gareth Hawkes

Working party members: Cllr Val Curtis, Cllr Debbie Kay.

Planning Working Party

The planning working party looks at Planning Applications on behalf of the Parish Council. It will present a proposed response to the council. It will also respond directly if an application is not contentious. Members of the working party represent the parish at planning related meetings with Swindon Borough Council, and other external organsiations.

Working party chair: Cllr Gareth Hawkes

Working party members: Cllr Val Curtis, Cllr Scott Wichall, Cllr Steve May

Swindon Area Committee of the Wiltshire Association of Local Councils

Parish representatives: Cllr Val Curtis, Cllr Gareth Hawkes

Associated organisations

Covingham Flood Group

Although Covingham Flood Group is a separate organisation it presents a report to Parish Council.

The following councillors are also members of Covingham Flood Group: Cllr Gareth Hawkes, Cllr Val Curtis, Cllr John Ricketts