Construction of footpath between Symmetry Park and Gable Cross roundabout.

There will be carriageway closure with temporary traffic lights over three weekends:

26th and 27th June 2021

10th and 11th July 2021

17th and 18th July 2021

The lane closure will be between 07:30 and 17:00.

The emergency number is 01732 783980

Date: 22nd June 2021

Swindon Borough Council has temporarily relaxed the parking restrictions in the car park with effect from Monday 12th April, until the end of June.  This is to allow the Thermofisher employees to use it, without the threat of being issued with a ticket, rather than park along St Pauls Drive.  SBC has asked that the spaces nearest to the Minimart be left free for visitors to the shop.

Date 10th April 2021

Covingham Parish Council has 15 seats. As only 12 people completed the nomination process, there is no requirement for an election to be held.  Whilst we welcome the new members, it was disappointing to see that there were no new nominations from Covingham residents. As the result is uncontested, and there are still 3 vacancies, we have an opportunity to co-opt new members. If you are interested in becoming a Parish Councillor and make a difference by influencing the decisions made for the benefit of Covingham residents, please contact Laura, our Clerk at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. To qualify you need to have resided in or had your principal place of work in the parish, or within 4.8 kms during the last 12 months prior to the election. Preference will always be given to Covingham residents.

Date 14th April 2021

The Parish Councillors were pleased to welcome two of the local Neighbourhood Police Team who joined the virtual Parish Council meeting on Monday 12th April,  to provide an update on recent activity in the area and talk about the priorities going forwards.   Patrols have been increased around Covingham Park with the aim of offering reassurance to the residents along with making their presence more visible to deter the troublesome youngsters.  They are very concerned about the perceived reluctance of Covingham residents to report crimes by ringing 101.  Without the information and intelligence, they are unable to provide a more targeted approach to where it is needed most.  Please report all crimes, no matter how small or insignificant an incident may appear to be, by ringing 101 immediately.  They need our help to return Covingham to the low crime area it was considered to be.

Date 8th April 2021

We have received numerous complaints about the excessive speeds on the roads around Covingham, especially Kingfisher Drive. Once the social distancing guidelines are removed the Parish Council will revisit the plan to set up a Community Speedwatch team.