Next Council Meeting

The next meeting of Covingham Parish Council is on Monday 7th October 2019.


The Agenda will be available a few days before the meeting.

Forthcoming Council Meetings

Monday 4th November 2019
Monday 2nd December 2019
Monday 6th January 2020

 Last Council Meeting

The last council meeting was on Monday 2nd September 2019.

The minutes of this meeting will be presented at the next meeting where they will be approved. A few days after they have been approved they will be added to this section.

Draft minutes

Click here to view the draft minutes for the meeting held on 2nd September 

Previous Council Meeting

The minutes for the Council Meeting held on Monday 5th August 2019 were approved at the meeting on 2nd September 2019.

Approved minutes

Click here to view the approved minutes for the meeting held on 5th August 2019

Minutes for other council meetings

Minutes for previous meetings are available. Select the year that you are interested in.

Minutes for meetings held in 2019

Minutes for meetings held in 2018

Minutes for meetings held in 2010 to 2017