Next Council Meeting

The next Covingham Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 7th February 2022.

Residents will be able to raise questions or comments during Agenda Item 5 Public Forum. Alternatively, residents can raise an issue or ask a question, for discussion at the meeting on Monday 7th February 2022, by submitting the details to the Clerk, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please provide the details no later than Friday 4th February 2022.  Answers will be provided in writing and in the minutes of the meeting. Comments and questions from residents will be accepted up until 4:00pm on Friday 4th February 2022.

The Agenda will be available a few days before the meeting.

Forthcoming Council Meetings (Subject to restrictions being lifted)

Monday 7th February 2022

Monday 7th March 2022

Monday 4th April 2022

Last Council Meeting

The last council meeting was on Monday 10th January 2022.

The minutes of this meeting will be presented at the next meeting where they will be approved. A few days after they have been approved they will be added to this section.

Draft minutes

The draft minutes for the meeting held on 10th January 2022 are available. Click here to view the draft minutes.

Previous Council Meeting

The minutes for the Council Meetings held between March 2020 and March 2021 were all agreed during online meetings, but a copy was not signed due to the restrictions noted above. All minutes were duly signed at the first face to face Meeting held on 17th May 2021. 

Approved minutes

Click here to view the approved minutes for the meeting held on 6th December 2021 . 

Minutes for other council meetings

Minutes for previous meetings are available. Select the year that you are interested in.

Minutes for meetings held in 2021

Minutes for meetings held in 2020

Minutes for meetings held in 2010 to 2019